Quit Smoking & Tobacco

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Quit Smoking & Tobacco


You’ve made one of the most important decisions of your life. Now what?

Research has shown that people who use tobacco counseling experience higher quit rates, and that tobacco counseling is just as effective whether provided over the phone or in person. So, take the first step and reach out. Remember: it’s never too late to quit and start improving your health.

Call or Enroll Online with The Maine Tobacco HelpLine

Free and totally confidential, the Maine Tobacco HelpLine will connect you with a quit coach who will help you develop a personalized plan and support you whether you’re thinking about quitting or ready to quit smoking.

If you choose to call, counseling is done entirely over the phone to make it easier to work around your schedule, and offers personal support geared toward your life.

If you choose to enroll online, registering for services through The QuitLink will connect you to a Maine Tobacco HelpLine Quit Coach where you create a quit plan and enroll in services.

Call the Maine Tobacco HelpLine at 1-800-207-1230 or enroll online to quit.

Speak With Your Doctor

Tell your health care provider that you’re thinking about quitting. They’ll be able to share resources and discuss strategies, recommend medications and present treatment options to you.

Here are some questions to help you get the conversation started*:

  1. How hard is it to quit smoking and how long should I expect it to take?
  2. What are the biggest steps I can take to increase my chances of success?
  3. What medications are available to help me quit?
  4. Will these medications interact with any medications I currently take?
  5. Can I use different methods and medications in combination with one another?
  6. Is there anything I should avoid when trying to quit?
  7. What are withdrawal symptoms like? What can I do to deal with them?

*The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center