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Maine Resources

COVID-19 Response, State of Maine Governor’s Office: Statewide updates and information for Maine residents on staying healthy, meeting basic needs, and support for Maine workers and businesses

Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention: COVID-19 daily media briefing, COVID-19 cases in Maine, testing guidelines, FAQs, resources for the public and healthcare providers

Maine Public Health Association: Information for caring for self and family, state resources for unemployment, emergency hotlines/helplines, food security, financial and housing assistance

Maine State Chamber of Commerce: News updates and information about COVID-19 and Maine businesses

COVID-19 information by city: News updates and available services for Maine residents and businesses during the pandemic

U.S. and World Resources

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (U.S. CDC): Comprehensive COVID-19 resource for the public and healthcare professionals. Information including how to protect yourself, what to do if you are sick, and resources for daily life and coping during the pandemic.

American Cancer Society: What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19

American Lung Association: Has a dedicated blog with COVID-19 information and resources, including specific resources and support for individuals with lung disease and their caregivers.

CDC Foundation: Free COVID-19 public health communications toolkit for public agencies and officials, including important pandemic information and steps individuals can take to slow the spread of the virus

World Health Organization (WHO): Comprehensive information for the public, including information on protective measures and COVID-19 myth busters.