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Learning Community


Want to become part of an important community dedicated to reducing the threat of tobacco-linked health issues in Maine? You’re not alone. Healthcare and behavioral health professionals across the state have countless resources for learning together, including:

Continuing Education Opportunities

CTI’s Education and Training Program offers both in-person workshops and online learning modules in special topics for those who are interested in continuing education in the field of tobacco and tobacco treatment.

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The Annual Tobacco Treatment and Prevention Conference brings nationally recognized speakers and local experts together to discuss a variety of tobacco treatment topics, new research and innovative approaches to tobacco control. It also provides an opportunity to network with other tobacco treatment professionals (and those interested in learning more about the topic) from across the state.

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Skills Training

All across Maine, CTI offers both basic and intensive training sessions to help participants increase their knowledge and become more confident in engaging patients or clients who use tobacco. These one- and two-day comprehensive tobacco intervention workshops cover topics such as:

  • The Burden of Tobacco Use
  • Tobacco Products & Vaping
  • Evidence-Based Quit Methods
  • Motivational Engagement Strategies
  • Tobacco Treatment Medications
  • The 5 A’s Brief Intervention Model

One-Day Basic Skills Training
Provides healthcare professionals with the information and tools needed to integrate brief, evidence-based tobacco treatment interventions into current practice.

Two-Day Intensive Skills Training
Builds on knowledge gained in the Basic Skills Training, covering a variety of topics, treatments and strategies to assist clinicians in offering more intensive tobacco treatment.