Tobacco Treatment

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Tobacco Treatment

What You Should Know

Around 70% of all people who use tobacco want to quit.

  • Many are simply not ready. And when they say they are not ready, often they really mean that they don’t know how to quit or they are afraid to “fail”.
  • Indicating to your patients, with compassion and nonjudgment, that you understand that quitting is hard, and that you are here to help when they are ready to try, is one of the best things you can do to promote quitting.
Many patients may not know about the assistance options available to them.

Youth prevention, tobacco cessation and early detection programs are readily available for every Maine resident – many at little or no cost. As a healthcare provider, you’ll be a trusted source for guidance, resources, medications and treatment options that help current and potential-future tobacco users self-manage and seek outside support.*

*Prevention for ME